Underworld Apothecary

Welcome to the Underworld Apothecary

new-productsThe Underworld Apothecary is the online equivalent of a Botanica serving Goetic magicians, Hoodoo practitioners, and other practicing magicians. 
All our products are personally formulated to a very high standard by either Madame Misha or Jake Stratton-Kent

Our intention is to make available, materials for magical praxis through a combination of New and Old World formulary skills and traditional magical experience. The traditions of the New World are recombined with the Western Magical Tradition, permitting one to supplement the other. Herbs are gathered and prepared in accord with traditional timing and using the best available materials. All incense is graded.

The range will be constantly updated and expanded; meanwhile if there is something you don’t see here, the chances are we can make it for you. We are also very interested to hear about any special requirements you may have.

Please email any questions or queries to:madamemisha@underworldapothecary.com or visit our Underworld Apothecary facebook group

We can also be found on the Grimorium Verum group on Yahoo. This group is devoted to discussion of the grimoire known as Grimorium Verum, one of the most notorious handbooks of black magic. All topics welcome relating to its history, the legends and lore surrounding it in various magical traditions, and its use as a tool of practical magic. To join us, please visit Grimorium Verum.

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